Friday, April 10, 2015

New From CIRCA

It's time for sexy, glamorous, and silver!  We have some new items at the latest round of the Color Me Project for CIRCA, with an Exclusive room collection. See below for our other new sets at the "Perfect 10" event (4 days left) and "Fit for a Princess" - 1 year anniversary round.  Also...... don't forget we have still have the "Fling My Easter Things" happening across both our sims, including the Shop Free*Style location, see note further below.

Color Me Project:  Silver theme
   Apr 10 - Apr 19

~ "Divine Boudoir" Room Collection ~

Styling made easy! We have put together some beautiful pieces with silvery accents as part of our new boudoir collection.  This is definitely a set for the ladies with all the pretty details and decor in grey and metallic tones.  The metallic scroll chairs come in 3 seat colours with 18 female animations each for lovely sits (we use the best animations from the grid).  Now, I love shoes! Really loves shoes, so I decided to add some shoe decor in this collection for those lovers of footwear.  If you pick up the Full Set or Room Divider pack you will get the shoes in shiny silver or purple as decoration. Of course there are many pieces to mix and match to create your own room look and atmosphere.  

BONUS! :  If you purchase the full set, you will receive the animated butterfly plant terrarium, in a bell jar included.  Also the full set or dresser / chest pack comes with an extra chest without decor and 2 extra orchid flower pots - with colour variations.

     ** During the event, all our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.  

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