Monday, April 20, 2015

CIRCA Events

NEWLY ARRIVED! Get into the party mood with our new collections at great events.  We are in this year's "Black Fashion Fair" with our retro cocktail party sets and in the latest round of GENRE which is all about the Rockabilly look.  Whether you need black and sleek or bold and vivid, we have you covered.  Also this round of The Color Me Project - in Silver finishes tomorrow night, so be sure to check everything out tout suite!

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   Apr 17 - May 1st
   (2 weeks)

~ "Black Tie Style" Retro Bar Collection ~

Throw a cocktail party! This retro black cocktail set gives you the look and feel of high society while still being casual.  You can have a bit of drink, food, and casual conversation while keeping company with friends and guests in your finest garments.  We included many cocktail animations in the bar, stools and even the food tables.  These animations range from drinking, eating, chatting, listening, smoking, lounging, bartending, and standing leans to add realism.  The food tables with touch givers, offer snacks for your guests to nibble while enjoying the atmosphere and company.  It's a great collection for styling entertainment areas, adding retro flair.

     ** During the event, all our items are discounted at 30% Off and exclusive.  You can purchase our new set in full or as individual packs. Bonus: The bar chandelier and backwall come with the full set pack.  The other items are on display at the fair are 25% Off as well.

    GENRE:  Rockabilly theme
   Apr 15 - May 11

~ "Cadillac Drive" Retro Diner Collection ~

There is nothing like the look for the 50's, with the bold graphics and vivid colours influenced by some styles like art deco.  Design became pivotal and recognizable for this time and the style produced from this period still carries on today from graphics, fashion to interior settings and pieces.  Here's our nod to that time.  The collection comes in 5 colouration options with the diner seats and accessories.  Each diner seat has 20 different animations each, so 40 anims in total for both the male and female sits positions. there are a few posey type anims added for fun and photograpy.  We also put together many accessory options to offer details you would want for your setup.  Great idea for home kitchens, party setups, restaurants & classic diner spaces.

     ** During the event, all our items are $100 or less and exclusive.    



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