Monday, April 27, 2015

CIRCA at Fantasy Faire

CIRCA is at the Fantasy Faire event this year for 2015!
Its our first year attending and we are super excited since there are so many great designers participating, new items created, excellent sims to explore, and cool avi watching (lol).  It runs for less than 2 weeks, so you don't want to miss out on all the exploration and fun of viewing all the beautiful things.  Plus, it's fundraising for Relay for Life, so there are many great deals in the RFL vendors on each faire sim - 10 in total.  Come visit our booth and see the various goodies we put out for you!

   Apr 23 - May 3
   (11 day period)

~ Relay for Life Items - "Mystic Meadow" Series ~

It's always great to have some beautiful nature pieces you can add to the garden or outdoor areas.  So we have released new gazebos and lily ponds for the occasion.  The gazebos have big flowers, hanging ferns, 4 fluttering butterflies and a matching hanging lantern for the sets.  In the pond sets you get 4  bonus spinning dragonflies that move at different speeds.

Scoop these up at the event while they are discounted by almost 50% off.  100% Donations to RFL.

Garden Gazebos:

Also in Dark Oak and Redwood

Garden Lily Ponds:

Also in pink, yellow, blue, purple and white

 * Demos on site for you to see the designs.

All donations go towards RFL, aiding financially in looking for the cure for cancer.  Each dollar helps get us one step further in helping with the science and research of this and helping millions of people worldwide.  It's a cause I stand behind with this event.

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