Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Era at Galland Homes

Galland Homes is pleased to introduce the Anini - a two-bedroom Hawaiian home with infinity pool and animated hot tub.  The Anini is 100% original mesh.

❖109 Prim LI
❖ Approx 40 Meters wide by 44 Meters deep - best for 4096 Sq. m. lots or larger.
❖Normal retail price of L$2995 and being offered at the introductory rate of L$2495.

The Anini is a blend of Hawaiian and Polynesian style using warm earth tones throughout.  The home features clean lines and a modern approach to this style which is found throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

A trellis covers the front lanai as you enter a spacious living room.  A large cased glass opening frames the opposite end of the living room providing you a perfect vantage point to view the infinity pool as it meets the watery horizon.  (For best results, some terraforming will be required.)

The two side rooms can be used as two bedrooms or one of the rooms can be rededicated as a dining room (as in the display model), a library, or whatever else you may choose.

Large lanais provide for opportunity for outdoor living experiences in your new luxury Hawaiian home and the hot tub, powered by the nPose animation engine includes both single and couples poses for your enjoyment.

The furnishing in the model has been provided courtesy of W.E. at Home, a new venture in Second Life operated by my good friends, Sethos Lionheart and Honor Lehane.  Please visit their new store if you like the furnishings in the model as much as I do.

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