Thursday, April 30, 2015

New at Lunar Seasonal Designs

New and on sale for L$60 is a menu driven writing desk.  Sit down at the desk and you will be given a pencil to write with.  The light will turn on and words will slowly appear on the page as you write.  Plus click the desk and get a menu to change the textures of the desk, drawers and chair!

Find it HERE.

What's New at Shutter Field

NEW RELEASES -  We have LOTS of new releases for the first week in May as we will be in FOUR events  - The Home Show, The Challenge, Lazy Sunday and On9

One month event with some of the best home and garden designers in SL.

As with our new policy, our new items will be copy AND mod.

We have created a new outdoor bath set and outdoor shower set in different colours.   The showers have a very cool water spray and both sets have singles and couples animations.  These items are sold exclusively at The Home Show from 1 May.

Also available in White and Dark

Also available in Blue and Black 

2.  THE CHALLENGE has a beach / holiday theme this month and I decided to do something indoorsy.   I do love a nice beach living room set.

The sofa has TWO sit menus in it.  The right cushion has a single sit menu and the middle and left cushion has a single and couples sit menu.

This set will be offered at 25% for the duration of this round of The Challenge (1 - 31 May)  - 240L for the entire boxed set.

This set is out now at shutter field.

Also coming up this weekend is Lazy Sunday  and shutter field will be taking part in On9 for the first time on 9 May.

Monday, April 27, 2015

CIRCA at Fantasy Faire

CIRCA is at the Fantasy Faire event this year for 2015!
Its our first year attending and we are super excited since there are so many great designers participating, new items created, excellent sims to explore, and cool avi watching (lol).  It runs for less than 2 weeks, so you don't want to miss out on all the exploration and fun of viewing all the beautiful things.  Plus, it's fundraising for Relay for Life, so there are many great deals in the RFL vendors on each faire sim - 10 in total.  Come visit our booth and see the various goodies we put out for you!

   Apr 23 - May 3
   (11 day period)

~ Relay for Life Items - "Mystic Meadow" Series ~

It's always great to have some beautiful nature pieces you can add to the garden or outdoor areas.  So we have released new gazebos and lily ponds for the occasion.  The gazebos have big flowers, hanging ferns, 4 fluttering butterflies and a matching hanging lantern for the sets.  In the pond sets you get 4  bonus spinning dragonflies that move at different speeds.

Scoop these up at the event while they are discounted by almost 50% off.  100% Donations to RFL.

Garden Gazebos:

Also in Dark Oak and Redwood

Garden Lily Ponds:

Also in pink, yellow, blue, purple and white

 * Demos on site for you to see the designs.

All donations go towards RFL, aiding financially in looking for the cure for cancer.  Each dollar helps get us one step further in helping with the science and research of this and helping millions of people worldwide.  It's a cause I stand behind with this event.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Items at Circa

New this weekend! 
We have some new deluxe living room pieces for your lovely spaces.  At the Color Me Project you can find new sets with a lofty lounge look.  Be sure to check out the event for these items among many other great finds.

Color Me Project:  Black theme
   Apr 25 - May 4
   (10 day period)

~ "Jaqua" Low Lounger Room Sets ~

The theme is black, so I created a set of furniture pieces in luxe velvets, damask, & black woods.  To expand on the colourations, I added the accent colours Azure, Ruby, Violet, & Emerald so you could mix and match your pieces.  Each of the loungers comes with 58 quality animations for lounging male & female sits.  So there is plenty of choice for interesting posing.  This includes 10 floor sits.  The tables linked with a velvet rug come with 3 table lean animations.  As an add on we have available a decor pack which has a draped wire light and 2 planters to match.  The furniture pieces fit perfect in the centre or corner of a room with an a-symmetrical layout.  This series is great for homes, lofts, warehouses, store spaces, & more. 

     * During the event, all our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.  See demo on site.

Also available in Blackest, Azure Blue, Violet and Emerald

Also available in Blackest, Azure Blue, Violet and Emerald

 We have added to our growing collection for the SunnySide outdoor series with special new sets at Cosmopolitan.  Also, we are in this year's "Black Fashion Fair" with our retro cocktail party sets and in the latest round of GENRE which is all about the Rockabilly look.  Whether you need black and sleek or bold and vivid, we have you covered.  Get into the party mood with our new collections at great events.

   Cosmopolitan -
   Until April 26th
   Sale extended - see details below

Also available in Teak and Walnut

New at Chez Moi

Check our new releases at Chez Moi:

REMEMBER: Activate the GROUP DISCOUNT tag to get 15% discount in all Caspervend vendor all over the in-world CHEZ MOI store. 

What's Happening at Dreamscapes

Hi!  Lots of new stuff at the Gallery! New releases on sale and a new VIP Group gift too!

*Super Sales Weekend

Three new releases on sale!
Sale price 99L! Regular price 399L.

Sale price 89L! Regular price 199L.

*NEW  Releases

Also available in pink and green.

Also available in brown.

* NEW VIP Group Gift

Shutter Field in the Neighbourhood

Shutter Field has two items in this round of The Neighbourhood and they have a feline feel to them!  Meowwww!

Head on over HERE.

Monday, April 20, 2015

CIRCA Events

NEWLY ARRIVED! Get into the party mood with our new collections at great events.  We are in this year's "Black Fashion Fair" with our retro cocktail party sets and in the latest round of GENRE which is all about the Rockabilly look.  Whether you need black and sleek or bold and vivid, we have you covered.  Also this round of The Color Me Project - in Silver finishes tomorrow night, so be sure to check everything out tout suite!

View on our Flickr & Fav! :

   Apr 17 - May 1st
   (2 weeks)

~ "Black Tie Style" Retro Bar Collection ~

Throw a cocktail party! This retro black cocktail set gives you the look and feel of high society while still being casual.  You can have a bit of drink, food, and casual conversation while keeping company with friends and guests in your finest garments.  We included many cocktail animations in the bar, stools and even the food tables.  These animations range from drinking, eating, chatting, listening, smoking, lounging, bartending, and standing leans to add realism.  The food tables with touch givers, offer snacks for your guests to nibble while enjoying the atmosphere and company.  It's a great collection for styling entertainment areas, adding retro flair.

     ** During the event, all our items are discounted at 30% Off and exclusive.  You can purchase our new set in full or as individual packs. Bonus: The bar chandelier and backwall come with the full set pack.  The other items are on display at the fair are 25% Off as well.

    GENRE:  Rockabilly theme
   Apr 15 - May 11

~ "Cadillac Drive" Retro Diner Collection ~

There is nothing like the look for the 50's, with the bold graphics and vivid colours influenced by some styles like art deco.  Design became pivotal and recognizable for this time and the style produced from this period still carries on today from graphics, fashion to interior settings and pieces.  Here's our nod to that time.  The collection comes in 5 colouration options with the diner seats and accessories.  Each diner seat has 20 different animations each, so 40 anims in total for both the male and female sits positions. there are a few posey type anims added for fun and photograpy.  We also put together many accessory options to offer details you would want for your setup.  Great idea for home kitchens, party setups, restaurants & classic diner spaces.

     ** During the event, all our items are $100 or less and exclusive.    



What's New at *ZK* Designs?

*ZK* Designs - Home and Garden have some awesome event items this week.  Check them all out!

My 60L Secret
Sale Price: 60L    Regularly: 180L
Also in Brown and Red Paint

Sixty Linden Weekend - ONLY 60L
Sale Price: 60L    Regularly: 299L

Super Sales Weekend
Sale Price: 80L    Regularly: 225L
Also in new paint version

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New at *Chez Moi*


Enjoy the spring and drive this Vintage Vespa.
1 sit
REMEMBER: Activate the GROUP DISCOUNT tag to get 15% discount in all Caspervend vendor all over the in-world CHEZ MOI store. 

Check our new releases:

Lazy Sunday at Shutter Field

NEW RELEASES -  New mesh love seat for Lazy Sunday on 19 April

For Lazy Sunday we have new mesh love seats, a cosy wee seat for relaxing on

For this weekend's event they will be 70L each.  Grab the TAXI.

Flowers at Lunar Seasonal Designs

New and on sale for L$60 for is a lovely planter of tulips with a Honey Bee that moves occasionally from flower to flower.  It also has a menu to let you change the color of each tulip, the planter, the grass and the dirt.  There are also some other fun garden items all on sale as well.  Grab it HERE.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Era at Galland Homes

Galland Homes is pleased to introduce the Anini - a two-bedroom Hawaiian home with infinity pool and animated hot tub.  The Anini is 100% original mesh.

❖109 Prim LI
❖ Approx 40 Meters wide by 44 Meters deep - best for 4096 Sq. m. lots or larger.
❖Normal retail price of L$2995 and being offered at the introductory rate of L$2495.

The Anini is a blend of Hawaiian and Polynesian style using warm earth tones throughout.  The home features clean lines and a modern approach to this style which is found throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

A trellis covers the front lanai as you enter a spacious living room.  A large cased glass opening frames the opposite end of the living room providing you a perfect vantage point to view the infinity pool as it meets the watery horizon.  (For best results, some terraforming will be required.)

The two side rooms can be used as two bedrooms or one of the rooms can be rededicated as a dining room (as in the display model), a library, or whatever else you may choose.

Large lanais provide for opportunity for outdoor living experiences in your new luxury Hawaiian home and the hot tub, powered by the nPose animation engine includes both single and couples poses for your enjoyment.

The furnishing in the model has been provided courtesy of W.E. at Home, a new venture in Second Life operated by my good friends, Sethos Lionheart and Honor Lehane.  Please visit their new store if you like the furnishings in the model as much as I do.

New at [ba]

New structure for Collabor88 April 2015!

Available for 188L this round only!  As always a full demo is available on site!