Monday, March 16, 2015

{what next} at The Liaison Collaborative

We're taking part in this month's Liaison Collaborative, with it's 'Bon Voyage' theme and a new set, available in three separate colour themes, each with a sofa-style daybed with singles/couples animations, suitcase, camera, photos and wall hangings.

Wanderlust Daybed Set - in muted, warm tones:

Paris in Spring Daybed Set - in Spring-like colours:

Sail Away Daybed Set - coastal , fresh theme:

Daybeds have 10 texture-themes (see keys below).

Save L$100 buying a full set, although all pieces are also for sale individually (including 4 wall hangings and the Wanderlust Map Wall Decor not shown here)

Texture-changing camera:

Vintage suitcase stack: texture-changing:

Pile of photos (optionally add your own images)

You can see all the products on offer this month on the shopping guide

All the above are exclusively available at TLC while the event runs until April 12th. Hope you can visit it, as the build and landscaping looks AMAZING in a new location, landmark HERE.

I've also placed a demo version in the mainstore - near the landing point, if you want to demo/take a look at the sets before you visit :)

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