Sunday, March 22, 2015

New at Shutter Field

A high quality store offering outdoor and garden mesh decor and furniture, as well as some indoor decor items and original mesh.

NEW RELEASES -  Lazy Sunday 22 March

Shutter Field has new sets for Lazy Sunday on 22 march with a new pergola  and chairs.   The Villa Chairs have been done in soft spring colours, with texture change pillow and blankets.    For ONE DAY ONLY these items will be less than 75L as part of the Lazy Sunday event.


Shutter Field also has a huge clearance sale going for 4 days from 19th Mar - 22nd March to make room for new sets for Lazy Sunday and the upcoming premier event The Home Show from 1 May.  Lots of outgoing items are reduced to under 90L.  Here is the taxi to the Sale Platform.

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