Monday, March 16, 2015

New at CIRCA

New Exclusive items coming out this weekend!

We are part of the next round of the Colour Me Project with this round (March 10-19th) being about "Blue".

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~ The "Ocean Loft" Collection ~

I started with one colour of blue and came out with an interesting palette for this particular summery set.  It has a tranquil modern feel with soft woods, tweeds, and velvets covering sleek lines.  To soften the look overall we added Bali fabric rugs and a watercolour painting with wave motifs to set the mood.  The 2 chairs included have 14 animations each for both the ladies and gents (with 28 different ones in total).  Also 2 alternative side tables have been created to match for style options (& choice in land impact).  The wave style coffee table has a candle tray which can light at a simple touch.  This collection would be great for lofts, skyboxes, offices, modern cottages, vacation homes, or that favourite getaway.

During the event, all of these exclusive items are discounted at 50% Off.
You can choose from the full set or individual pieces.

**We will add this to the mainstore on Mar 20th until 24th at 50% Off as well (to make up for internet downtime the last few days).  Then regular price, thereafter.

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