Monday, February 16, 2015

New Release - The Cozy Pamela

It's that time and spring has sprung at Cozy - so we've brought you the Cozy Pamela - Which certainly would be lovely as a beach house, or a lake house, as well as a grassy green sim home.

This house is small, but has a whole ton of love inside.  2 Bedrooms and 1 full bath , along with a cozy kitchen and dining area.  Lastly a wonderful front room with amazing windows, to look out and about at the beautiful landscape.

This house also has an amazing brand new dock that matches the house and is full of new items , including floats, new lighting and animated color change towels.  Lots of new in this house, so come and check out the fully decorated display.

Please note that for the first 72 hours, the home, rooms and dock are set to 50% off - after that they will go to the full price with no exceptions.  You basically have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Until 6pm on Thursday afternoon to get this house at a discounted price.

Also - as a newer feature we are offering additional colors of the home.  You can get the blue as pictured from the main ad wall, or buy the color box that has the color you chose.  Fat pack is going to be available, for those of you, who simply must have them all.

Original Mesh

Grab the taxi to Cozy Homes.


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